Watermelon Sugar Baby (Citrullus lanatus Thunb.) (Bag) - Franchi Sementi

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This is an Early variety producing round fruit of medium size. The skin is consistent thick and of a dark green colour. The flesh is sugary and of an intense red colour.

To be sow from March to June and harvest from July to September.
Approximate seeds quantity: @60 seeds.

Sugar Baby is an heirloom variety, introduced in 1956, that has remained popular because of its compact size and sweet flavor. It is considered an icebox melon because the fruits are small enough to fit in the icebox, or what we call a refrigerator. The melons are round with dark green, smooth skin and finely textured red flesh. It is one of the sweetest watermelons you can grow. The melons weigh 8-10 pounds and are about 8 inches across. Vines are long, running to 12 feet. Plants should be spaced 4 feet apart. Sugar Baby is one of the earliest melons to mature, requiring about 75 days from planting. Each plant should produce two or three melons. 6 gram packet = 150 seeds. Approximately 6-20 seeds per gram.

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