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Butternut Rugosa. Very large butternut type. Ribbed with 'wrinkled' skin. Very sweet and tasty, and much more interesting than the common butternut. Productive and a good keeper. 100 or so days to maturity. Grow as any other winter squash or butternut. After danger of frost, plant in full sun, in rich soil, with plenty of drainage. Large sprawling plant, so give them some room, at least 3-6 feet apart. They can be direct seeded, 1 inch deep, but thin to at least 3 feet. Can also be grown from transplants in regions with shorter growing seasons. Set out a 3-4 week old plant, taking care to not damage the root ball. Approximately 35 seeds. 5 gram packet. Approximately 7-15 seeds per gram.

*Heritage Variety*

C26 - Peel and boil the squash until soft. Then simply mash it with some butter and freshly grated nutmeg. Please note that the butternut liscia we sell has a smooth skin and this variety is slightly scalloped.

Growing habit: Trailing
Approximate seeds quantity:@20
Sow: from March - June

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