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Supplier: MAD in Lebanon

Ingredients: Unrefined Fleur de Sel infused in Lemon and Dried Lemon Zest.

About: Use it to salt the rim of your cocktails or sprinkle it over chicken and fish after baking or grilling to enhance the acidity. Try it as a salad or a tartar seasoning or on pastries for a special treat!

About MAD in Lebanon: We believe in Lebanon and value the beauty of its nature. Our country is full of treasures yet to be discovered and used differently. In these difficult times, we decided not to give up. The current situation stimulated us to take action and exploit what is best in our homeland.
Our objective: honoring the best flavors the Lebanese terroir has to offer and preserving our heritage while providing a source of income to local farmers and artisans. MAD in Lebanon brings you a unique blend of ethical products grown under the Mediterranean sun, not subject to any processing and free from artificial additives and preservatives. Our products are directly and sustainably sourced from their region, responsibly produced and mindfully handcrafted in-house.

MAD in Lebanon’s finishing salts combine the enhancing superpowers of sea salt with unique flavorings that will take your food to the next level. They should be added at the very end of cooking or immediately before serving to add a concentrated flavor and a crunchy texture with surprising notes without smothering the taste.
You can also add them to your stocks, doughs and marinations or use them as table condiments.
Store our products away from air and light, in a cool and dry place.
Our products age well and are suitable for vegans. Containers: Glass Jar, Cork Stopper and Bamboo Spoon.
Our containers are 100% reusable, because we are committed to
environmental sustainability.

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