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The basic solution of this product range is Olytech Essential: suitable for all requirements and needs, its efficiency and versatility make it stand out. The Olytech range, made of innovative shakers, combines ergonomics and high-technology in order to allow the utmost comfortable and practical use. In particular, the design is extremely innovative thanks to the tilting head, the wide oscillating movement and the ergonomic handle. In order to make the shaker more manageable, we have developed three different sizes: L – XL – SP. Olytech Essential works with an electric motor 12V dc, low consumption and high performances. It is powered directly from a 12V battery and has a system that controls the stress of the engine. This machine enables a productivity of 80/110 kg/h. The horizontal alternating movement (that we have patented) allows to harvest better and faster.
  • Horizontal alternating movement (patented)
  • Electric engine 12V dc, low electric consumptions
  • Standard telescopic extension
  • Productivity: 80-110 kg/h
  • Lenght XL version: from 2400 mm to 3600 mm
  • Fast replacement carbon tines
  • Direct power supply from 12V battery
  • Power cable with clamps and connectors included
  • Lenght L version: from 2100 mm to 3000 mm
  • Lenght SP version: 2400 mm
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