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Matcha green tea plays a key role in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Our matcha is grown in Japan by the Nakai family, who have been growing matcha for 7 generations. They produce the finest quality ceremonial grade matcha that is grown in the shade to maximize Chlorophyll content. Matcha contains natural flavonoids and the benefits exceed those of regular green tea as the whole leaf is consumed, rather than just the brewed water. The powder has a unique and distinctive taste, with ours boasting a sweet flavor.

Ingredients: Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder

100% Natural

Soil Association Certified Organic

Vegan Society Certified

High Vitamin A

High Folic Acid and Iron

High Fiber

High Protein

Manufactured in the United Kingdom

Sold as single units only

Package information: Resealable pouch

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