Lettuce Lollo Bionda (Lactuca sativa L.) (Bag) - Franchi Sementi

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Lollo Bionda (Verde). Solid green version of the classic frilly loose leaf. Great taste, holds well in summer heat. Leaves are light green Harvest outer leaves or cut entire plant. Holds well in fall and will take hard freezes; survives well all winter in the unheated greenhouse. Also works well as a cutting lettuce. 50-55 days. 5 gram packet, approximately 4000 seeds. Approximately 600-1200 seeds per gram.

*Heritage Variety*
L16 - This is an early variety with medium sized full open head. The leaves are tender, crunchy and upright with ruffled head. Ideal for growing either as cut and come again or as a head of lettuce.
Approximate seeds quantity: @4000 seeds.
Sow from March to end of September for a late harvest under a cloche or in a cold greenhouse.

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