Kishk Goat Traditional كشك معزي (Jar) - J.Grove

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Origin: Jezzine
Supplier: J.Grove

j.Grove's Kishk is made the Southern Lebanese way, honoring one of the country’s most valued traditional Mouneh.

We soak bulgur wheat in fresh goat yogurt as well as goat labneh (strained yogurt) for a sharper, richer taste. We sun dry the mixture and rub it daily. Then we gently grind it into a powder bursting with flavor and texture.
Savory and piquant, every bite of kishk in a porridge, mankoushe, or scrambled eggs will take you on a trip across rural Lebanon.

Ingredients : Dried strained goat yogurt (pasteurized whole goat milk, starter cultures, coarse salt), bulgur (cracked wheat), coarse salt.

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