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Ingredients: juniper berries, coriander, iris roots, angelica roots, licorice roots, loomi, cardamom, bitter almond seeds, fennel seeds, orange peels, lime peels, hibiscus, rosemary.

Bottle size: 750 ml

Alcohol Rate: 38 degrees

Production: Made in Lebanon

Research & development made by Herbatica SCS, Lebanon RC # 2019687.

Processing made by Mirath COOP, Lebanon RC # 1671/1.

From the mountains of Lebanon and the heart of its valleys, our story began…

Sadly, this story had many obstacles due to the difficulties this country is going through!

However, our strong belief in Lebanon’s nature and fruitful land, had us work harder with a specialized and trustworthy team to show and prove our creative and innovative side.

From this point, and at an altitude of more than 1,800 meters, we picked the finest types of Juniper seeds to start a new story with a Lebanese touch and a distinction in the field of the "gin" industry.

The process of distilling Juniper beans with 13 herbs and 8 botanical distinctive Lebanese flavors will enrich gatherings with friends and family and give the true taste of our homeland to the world.

Confidently, our product does not contain any artificial compounds, chemicals, or carcinogens.

Its taste is a combination of Lebanon’s secrets, which are nature and beauty…

We gave it a Lebanese name par excellence, for it to be a Lebanese value, proud of its belonging in addition to its international quality.

Ma Gin - مَا Gin,

The Pride of the Lebanese industry.

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