Chard Costa Verde Aka 'Perpetual Spinach' or Spinach Beet (Bag) - Franchi Sementi

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Chard Verde da Taglio. Green cut & come again. Very thin stems, incredibly sweet & tender leaves. Harvest outer leaves or simply cut the entire plant as it will regrow. Tastes as good as spinach. Spring, summer & fall; will overwinter in zone 5 in an unheated greenhouse or with some protection. 7 gram packet. Approximately 40-60 seeds per gram.

*Heritage Variety*
Light green, smooth leaves which are cooked liked spinach. If you like to eat the legs of the chard then we recommend the Swiss chard above as they are larger. This variety can be harvested 1.5 months later than Swiss Chard however. Grows again quickly after cutting and commonly called Perpetual Spinach although it is not a true spinach it doesn't bolt like spinach and goes on and on or spinach beet bearing in mind that this variety resembles spinach more than chard but is a beet (related to beetroot!).

Approximate seeds quantity:@500
Sow: from March - mid September

Partnership plant: Carrots, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Bean, Radish,

What to sow after: Cauliflower,Cucumber, Chicory, Bean,
Endive, Lettuce, Melon, Pea,Leek, Radish, Courgette.

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