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100% organic coffee with cacao & almond flavor.
Premium quality coffee with a well-balanced and strong taste, this coffee is the perfect shot
every time, complete with premium packaging that ensures long-lasting quality and is the cherry

on top of your sensual Senso experience.


It all started back in 2015 with a passion for coffee and a bond of friendship… With connoisseurship and a plan to thrive, this dynamic team got to work creating an enjoyable range of coffee products to satisfy every
We offer Senso Coffee with various blends along with single origins made for filter coffee and capsules. We also offer Café Beryte, our own take on Turkish coffee with an exquisite impression that will keep you coming back for more. What’s more, both Senso Coffee and
Café Beryte are locally made, with passion for coffee at the heart of every bag of beans.
Aside from coffee as a drink, we provide a full range of coffee-related services. From consulting on menus and training baristas to concept creation, our team of coffee experts and enthusiasts will let you in on a few
of our house secrets.
As coffee experts, we also offer countless coffee accessories and tools to help make your coffee experience an unforgettable one.
Our company is built on our bond of friendship and our
keen interest in coffee. We really do believe that coffee
is all about sharing moments with one another, wherever
the heart feels at its happiest…
Our mission is to spread the love and knowledge we
have for coffee by providing top quality coffee products
and tools, along with a set of well-rounded services.
Our vision is to create wonderful moments and an
unparalleled experience for everyone who sips on our
Passion: We believe that everything should be done with passion
– from sourcing our coffee beans, to taking that first exciting sip.
Every decision we take is backed by immense passion for the
industry and our brand.
Expertise: We pride ourselves on our expertise and knowledge in
the field, with years of experience and know-how to support our
passion. Our top-quality work, which we always guarantee, is proof
of this capability.
Integrity: We strive to put integrity first in all that we do, ensuring
an ethical environment for our team and an eco-friendly product for
our customers. Our company relies on integrity as one of its main
While other coffee brands look to follow trends and stick to
the status quo, we think outside the box. Our offerings range
from the inviting to the imaginative, breaking new ground with
a wide range of services that provide our customers with only
the best results, whatever their end goal may be.
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