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Our Head To Toe bundle will leave your skin nourished and glowing.


Face butter + Eyebrows and Lashes balm + Body oil + Hand butter + Coffee scrub + Lip balm - HEAD TO TOE SET

All you need for a fully nourished and glowing skin.

- Glow anti-acne face butter (Lavender) 60g

Combat acne with natural ingredients like beeswax and honey and high moisturizer.

Moisturizes, reduces scars, nourishes, antiseptic, reduces inflammation, soothes eczema & psoriasis, and leaves an overall wellbeing

- Eyebrows and lashes balm (Lavender) 30g

For healthy long thick lashes and eyebrows.

Moisturizes, stimulates hair growth, promotes thicker brows & longer lashes, heals tattoos, protects tattoos, reduces inflammation, soothes eczema & psoriasis.

- After sun healer and every day moisturizer – Chamomile – 180ml

Soothes skin after sun exposure.

Moisturizes, soothes, protects, repairs, prevents premature aging, revitalizing and nourishing, leaves an overall wellbeing.

- Wooli Hands & nails butter

Hand moisturizer for hands and nails.

Protects, softens, soothes sunburn, nourishes, moisturizes, and leaves an overall wellbeing.

- Coffee scrub - Vanilla – 135g

Caffeine in coffee scrubs improves blood circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite and gives the skin a more even tone look.

Improves blood circulation, removes dead skin cells, Exfoliates, Fight cellulites, Softens skin, Brighten skin tone, Hydrates, Rejuvenates, Leaves an overall wellbeing

- Lip Balm Raspberry (toot) 15g

Applying lip balm soothes your lips, feels good and can be very comforting.

Moisturizes, Protects, Promotes healthy skin, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidants, and Leaves an overall wellbeing.


BUTTERS: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. To reset in case of melting, heat on a double boiler until butter is melted completely, mix well & refrigerate.

OILS: Avoid getting any water into the product as it will introduce bacteria that will decrease shelf-life.

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