Basil Violetto Aromatico / Dark Opal (Ocimum basilicum L.) (Bag) - Franchi Sementi

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Violetto Aromatico / Dark Opal basil. This is a really pretty basil. Nice color, good size plant similar in size and growth habit to Genovese basil. Good aroma and flavor. Will do ok in a pot, but does better outside in the garden. Consider using it as a decorative plant in place of flowers. A bed of red basil, Genovese basil and lettuce leaf basil is quite pretty. For transplants, start 6-7 weeks before set out date (10 days after last frost date), 5-6 seeds/cell and thin to two or three. Plant at 12 inch intervals. For direct seed, 6-7 seeds every 12 inches cover with 1/4 inch fine soil and keep watered until germination: 7-10 days. Thin to 2-3 plants per space.

Basil has approximately 600-650 seeds per gram.

*Heritage Variety*
Red Basil. This is a mid-early variety with vigorus plant. The leaves have a bright violet colour and a sweet intense perfume. Sweeter tasting than regular basil with a slight clove undertone.
Easy to grow and ideal for containers.

Approximate seeds quantity: @3200 seeds.
To be sown from March to July directly in the ground or all year long in a protected indoor system.

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