Basil Fine Verde Greek (Ocimum basilicum L.) (Bag) - Franchi Sementi

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*Heritage Variety*
This is a mid-early variety producing bushes variety with small leaves and quite a strong flavor. This variety is easy to grow, especially in containers.
Super for making good basilly sauces and with Red Pear Franchi tomatoes.

Approximate seeds quantity:@4000.
To be sow from March to July directly on the ground and inside the rest of the year.

Basil Fine Nano Compatto a Palla (formerly Greco a Palla). This is a beautiful plant, a bush variety with a naturally round shape. It has small, bright green leaves. The flavor is intense and holds up well in tomato dishes. Use for flavoring or just leave some on a plate or in a jar in the kitchen for aroma and color.

It can be grown in a large pot. For transplants, start 5-6 seeds in a cell six or seven weeks before set out date which is ten or more days after last frost date. Thin to three or four. Set plants 12 inches apart. For direct seeding, 7-8 seeds every foot, thin to two or three. 5 gram packet, about 3,000 seeds.

Basil has approximately 600-650 seeds per gram.

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