Axe Pro Wood (Piece) - Bellota

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Supplier: Bellota
  • USES Cuts logs and wood in general, clears trees and prunes.

If you’re the type to have your axe slung over your shoulder at all times, you’ll know how important the head, and its fit to the handle, is. The cutting edge is specifically designed to ensure good penetration into the branch, and the fit with fibreglass patented wedge brings you greater safety.

Manufactured in a single piece of forged steel. Does not wear and will last a lifetime. Heat treated. Varnished beech handle, lightweight, smooth to the touch. PEFC certified.

Patented wedge: 100% reliable. Our wedge allows for a new haft system, making the handle more ergonomic as well as helping you to direct the strike and providing you with better grip.

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