Sunday, June 20 from 8am to 2pm.

“La Campagne en Ville” Farmers and Small Producers Market.

From Farms to Your Family.

Marc Beyrouthy

At MadebyNature, each order is delivered by Lebanese university students, a small contribution to sustaining the local food system, one order at a time.

MadebyNature’s mission is to present you with a better food system through our farmer's and producers’ network by providing a very wide range of products that are carefully selected and certified by Dr. Marc Beyrouthy and the team of experts. These products are fresh, pesticide-free, well priced, and Made by Nature.

MadebyNature team works with passion for agriculture, love for the soil, and excitement to show it all. They feel proud in exceeding customer expectations; from the moment an order is placed to its arrival on your doorstep.