At Made by Nature, we thrive to be an online platform delivering sustainable products from the farms to your plate.

We are committed to changing the way people think about natural produce and that organic, healthy, permaculture and premium veggies are not out of reach and that healthy food needs to be affordable for everyone.
'We have very simple tastes. We are always satisfied with the very best.'

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From Farms to Your Family.

Marc Beyrouthy

             Join us sustaining the local food system one order at a time.

Our mission is to present you a better food system through our farmers and producers network. We provide you a very wide range of products that are carefully selected and certified by Dr Marc Beyrouthy. Our products are fresh, pesticide free, well priced and made by nature.

We work with passion for agriculture, love for the soil and excitement to show it all. Thus we pride ourselves in exceeding customer expectations; from the moment an order is placed to its arrival on your doorstep.